J.A. | Portugal

Imogen helped me to break the veil, to get rid of the unnecessary and to come back to my own self. Her light showed me what I was, who I was. She showed me that it’s coming back to the essential, dropping the mask behind which we hide, getting out of our primary instinct which plays games with us, to finally meet ourself. It’s understanding and confirming who we really are, letting go of our ego to pass towards the light without detour, without suffering, and accepting and letting our past go, to open ourself to the present moment, and so many more beautiful things…. For the rest I let you discover it by yourself! Here’s where I am now: after having searched all these years trying to understand why I was living, after more than 300 shamanic ceremonies, several diets, 100s of treatments with various therapists, shamans, healers, and many trips on the different continents… today I found with Imogen what I was looking for, I finally arrived home, in my Being. My quest is ending and doesn’t need to exist any longer. So simply I am now. Give yourself that present to learn to accept and to love who you really are!  –  Nov. 2020