J.C. | USA

At 62, I’ve been a seeker since I was at least 16 years old. I started my first formal mediation technique at 19 with Transcendental Meditation (TM), spending 14 months at one of their facilities learning advance knowledge & techniques. From that point on I’ve sat with Gurus, Healers, Yogis, Divine Mother Avatars, Marma Therapists, Vedic Astrologers, Energy Working Wizards and Avadhutas. I’ve been to India and on Vipassana courses, many healing courses, done Gnan Vidhi, and been with Shakitpat masters and many, many nondual teachers.  And while I had amazing experiences until about 4 months ago I was still seeking. I started working with Imogen and quickly entered a stable nondual state. After a couple more sessions I am now stabilized in Unity Consciousness. While outward life continues as before I now live in a space of permanent silence and expansion. Joy pervades my experience and I no longer “live” inside this body by rather this body and all else lives inside of me. Through grace I met Divine Mother in Imogen and I can only offer my unconditional love back.  –  Sep. 2018