L.P. | USA

I am reflecting on life after a 7-day retreat with Imogen and the online community of participants. Imogen carries authority, insight, clarity, loving care, and power with humility. Is it too obvious to comment on how rare this combination is? The very personal experience of receiving transmissions from Imogen has been astoundingly powerful. And with every encounter she is a beautiful guide to welcoming what arises in life and meditation. The retreat schedule has interesting variations in the length of time of transmissions and breaks in between. For me this provides a wonderful side effect of joy and anticipation. An important part of a retreat with Imogen is the Satsang – a gathering to experience “truth together.” Satsang always provides an opportunity for me to fall in love with us, the community. We all are welcome. Imogen’s thoughts, comments and answers to our questions are mined from a deep place – treasure for us all. I have attended other Beyond Imogen retreats and Zoom transmissions with the same results.The effect on my inner and outer life is a shift in the depth of my experience of what life actually is, as well as happy curiosity for whatever might happen next. Imogen is a fully awakened human being with a warm and loving personality along with a good sense of humor and humility (she doesn’t take herself too seriously). I consider it a privilege to have made the connection with her.  –  Jan. 2023