T.M. | USA

After many years of spiritual seeking in books, on-line and at physical and online retreats, I came across Imogen’s website by “chance”. I enjoyed listening to her YouTube clips and was intrigued but skeptical about the “transmissions”. After attending my first meeting, I found that there was a palpable energy to the transmissions. Imogen has described these transmissions as an attunement to our greater self. I believe that the transmissions provide a direct means to experience pure consciousness energetically. The group satsangs provide a forum for exploring this intellectually and sharing experiences and questions in a very intimate and welcoming environment. I also like that her on-line retreats are available in their entirety or on a “per session” basis which provides a lot of flexibility. Imogen is a fully awakened human being with a warm and loving personality along with a good sense of humor and humility (she doesn’t take herself too seriously). I consider it a privilege to have made the connection with her.  –  Nov. 2021