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An Exploration of Vulnerability

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This exploration of life requires great vulnerability, earnestness, openness, radical honest and deep inquiry. It’s a truly destructive process, one that burns everything that you are not with such a fire that not even a whisper of the false is left. But what this can mean is that which we hold so dearly, so tightly, for so long doesn’t fit into this new paradigm that is tenderly cracking open. Our once core beliefs and truths don’t feel like ours any more and so we’re required to drop them, to move on, to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

It’s this continuous release into the unknown where freedom lies. It’s not a position to take but a noticing of a natural phenomena that spontaneously arises when we find that our life reorientates around the exploration of truth, the exploration of Self. It can be a lonely, confusing path that requires everything to be consumed by it. And yet somehow, somewhere along the way you discover this path, this journey is a choice-less journey. That every part of your being is falling into it’s grace.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…

With great vulnerability comes greater reward

We spend so much of our lives trying to find stability and love in the form of control, of knowing and doing, striving and achieving. What we fail to do is recognise the futility of this. Life is inherently changeable, spontaneous and mystical. There’s no one pulling the leavers of existence. We think and we assume that we have a choice in all of this, that if we make the right decisions and work hard we will achieve our biggest dreams and desires. But where does even the simplest of thoughts come from? Who brings into existence the thought to do this or to do that, desire this or desire that? How can we choose and decide to think a particular thought?

There is no thinker, thinking just happens. There is no doer, doing just happens.

With this recognition comes the acknowledgement that all that we thought we knew dissolves into nothingness. All that we held on to for dear life, all that control and striving, was always a facade of appearances taken hold of by the mind, taken to mean something that it never was.

And so in this space of unknowingness we find enormous vulnerability and openness of awareness. It’s this unknowingness, vulnerability and openness that brings greater clarity and understanding, earnestness and the opportunity to recognise the very foundation of our experiencing.

The groundless ineffable knowingness of our own existence. The unshakable undeniability of Self knowing the Self.

And with this comes great freedom and love.

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  1. William

    …. Just Beautiful…it is 🙏