A Place to Contemplate

We've lost the focus of a spiritual centre in communities and culture today. Don't get me wrong I am not advocating for religion in its traditional sense, but what I am noting is that life used to have a balance of both the practical or material and spiritual. At the heart of our communities used to sit a church or maybe a temple or synagogue, a mosque or even a shaman's huts. These were places to contemplate deeper and bigger ideas, bigger aspects than the day-to-day practicals of life. They also provided sanctuary of contemplation and silence, a place to look inward. Currently Martyn and I travel around almost constantly never staying in places for more than a month or two. In each of our adventures we seek out these places of quiet. It's in someways strange that I'm drawn to these spaces of worship because my parents never brought me to church (or to a synagogue as the case maybe) as a child. But in later life I have been drawn to the silence and contemplation that I find in these spaces. If you look around they are actually the only places where one can sit quietly, no phone…

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Before Everything, You Are

I AM before all concepts, all thoughts, all emotions, all senses, before all that the body and mind experiences, before all of this, and yet all of this is contain in and as me. I AM indefinable, words fail. I go looking and the one that is looking disappears into the where looking is happening from. I AM immeasurable, ineffable silence. This silence is not silent, it's not empty, it's not a lack of sound, it's an indescribable silence, beyond words. I AM that. You ARE that.

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