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Looking with Childlike Wonder

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We tend put value judgements on what we want any given moment to look like, and so when the present moment doesn’t look like how we want then we seek to change it; we seek for the ‘good’ to stay and the ‘bad’ to go. This futile seeking to change the here and now causes immense suffering because life can look like anything.

And yet in reality good or bad it doesn’t matter, it all comes, it all goes, nothing stays around for very long. NOTHING. If we can sink into the reality of that for a moment we can see the futility of trying to hold on to anything; then the peace and sense of freedom that opens up in its wake is quite glorious. The physical feeling of tension and heaviness is lifted, the space of being right here right now is felt. Nothing to change, nothing to do, nothing to be.

“There is nothing else other than THIS” – feel the gravity of that statement. Drop any seeking, drop any ideas of what you haven’t found, and doubts about what you haven’t ‘got’ or understood, drop any sense of clinging or holding on to anything. Be in this moment, be in the feeling of existence, notice that you ARE, recognise that you are aware, aware of existing, aware of being. No descriptions and no ideas of what this moment ‘should’ look like. Just this. Just what-is.

We are so scared to drop our ideas and descriptions of who we are; to drop our concepts, knowledge and identity of a person ‘being’ someone/something. We are scared to be nothing, to be no-one. But who/what are you without any descriptions? This is not a question to be answered with words, this is a question to prompt a looking. A clear and honest looking without hiding, without being scared of the consequences of what you’ll find. Look with an open heart, look with the childlike wonder of no answers, just the question – who am I?

No assumptions, no answers, no guessing – just the question.

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